"These precious summer memories will be ours forever.”

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Chapter 92: Afternoon Cover.
They all look so happy and ugggh bbs. ♥

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Chapter 91: In which Mihashi is touched by Abe’s words. (Can’t get any more canon.)

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Chapter 92: In which omfg Mihashi is effin adorable. (In which chapter is he not!?)

I spent the day catching up to Oofuri raws today, since the last chapter I read was around chapter 88. Oh god, this scene was just SO freaking adorable. Some few more semi-colored edits should be coming this blog’s way the next few days. :’)

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The promise we made to that summer sky
will not be broken even after 100 years.
— おおきく振りかぶって〜夏の大会編〜 OP

Cleaner version of this.

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Not much need for words between these two.
~ おおきく振りかぶって Ep. 20

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"You’re the only one we have, so pull yourself together!"
〜 Abe to Mihashi, おおきく振りかぶって Ep 20

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Request by saetamu
Tajima forgetting to masturbate.

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And his whole life after.

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Ok last one from me. Hopefully. Oh, god. Srsly. Class 7. I love you and how little you think of Mizutani. ♥
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